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Ethnic and Cultural

Chinese Cultural And Children's Products
  Chinese cultural, language and children's books, plus movies and music. Most products are bilingual or multilingual.  
Black Books Galore
  Black Books Galore! sells African American children's books and organizes children's book festivals, offering thousands of selections.  
Jackies Little Professors
  Jackie's Little Professors sole purpose is to be a bridge of knowledge and entertainment for African American and children and color. It is our belief that the key to success is through learning and we provide that with our videos and books.  
Letterbox Library
  multicultural and non-sexist books for children  
Lights of Winter
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  Tamarind publishes multicultural children's books for our multicultural society.  
TeenyBee is the best site on the internet for childrens books, and other products for children. Besides books, we offer lesson plans for teachers, and tips for parents.  
Zino Press
  Zino Press Children's Books, unique rhyming and multicultural books for use at home or school® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved