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Raff and Friends
  A chameleon named Raff discovers that his colors are a gift rather than a disability. Mail order only.  
Adventures of Phoebe Flower
  Adventures of Phoebe Flower is a series of stories to help children and their families deal with issues such as ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease, friendship and everyday problems which young people encounter  
Billy Bee Children's Books
  Reaching the generations of tomorrow,through the hearts of children today  
Brown Bag Bedtime Books
  Adorable children's books and tapes, perfect for storytelling and learning to read!" "books for children, books on tape for kids, bedtime stories, children's stories, family travel products, educational books, travel products for kids, reading material for kids, activity books, interactive books, early childhood reading, gifts for children, learn to read  
Herman and Charly
  The children's book series about The Fishtailed goose named Herman the Moose, provides children positive affirmations and self-esteem building messages.  
Lite Books
  Books to introduce children to techniques for relaxation, meditation, stress management, breathing and visualization.  
Little Kid Press
  Childrens Books For Parents and Grandparents with kids or grandkids, age 3-8! Three new, fun filled, character building, non-violent, Children's Picture books your kids will love!  
Max and Annie
  Illustrated childrens books about English Springer Spaniels, Annie, a cancer survivor, and Max. Buy the inspirational books and toys online about two loveable dogs and their adventures.  
Raven Publishing
  Raven Publishing is a children's book publishing company. It is home to the Starlight Series; horse stories for children. Raven Publishing is your source for children's stories.  
A Sand Witch Story
  The Sand Witch series of books for children are about a God figure, living in Leaven, who brings bread and cakes etc to life.  
  A unique series of children's books that motivate, educate, and inspire children. Through innovative stories, playful rhymes, and colorful illustrations, Spriggles helps children attain greater self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-awareness.  
TagNwag Children's Books
  Dick and Jane books readers new and vintage school Dick and Jane books! TagNwag specializes in Dick and Jane books, the new and vintage See Spot Run school books.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved