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September 11: Through the Eyes of a Child
  Patriotic perspective on the tragedy through art, essays, and poems by kids.  
The Adventures of Monterey Jack
  A marvelous tale for kids with an appetite cookingparents who want to instill in their children appreciation life-beyond-fast-foodor anyones up madcap romp intothe lyrical world of Cheesedom Adventures Monterey Jack promises witty epicurean escape.  
The Adventures of Trig Varyl
  The Adventures of Trig Varyl is a fictional book for middle school aged children.  
The Amazing Pipe Organ
  The Amazing Pipe Organ is a beautifully illustrated, educational childrens book teaching children about the pipe organ and pipe organ lessons  
Because It's My Body
  Picture book for ages 4-8, empowers and teaches children to behave in ways that make them less vulnerable to and helps to prevent molestation and sexual abuse WITHOUT raising undue anxiety. S.A.F.E. For Children Publishing, LLC  
Caribbean Capers
  Caribbean Adventure for Kids  
The King of Skittledeedoo
  Power for Kids Inc.:, featuring the King of Skittledeedoo by Patricia Rust  
Marion the Magnet
  Marion the Magnet's First Mission teaches children about their own magnetic powers...the magnetic power of thought!  
  Whether it's called a child book, a kid book, or a mystery book for kids, "Counterfeit Detectives" is as exciting as any kid mystery solving book or spy kid book available.  
  The Painting Ballerina, a children's story  
The Painting Ballerina
  The Painting Ballerina, a children's story  
Skyword Press
  Skyword Press: Creators of Airplane adventure fiction books for kids!  
Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles
  Children's education. Children's entertainment. Children's emotions, children's adventures, children's world.  
What is Family?
  What is the true meaning of family? Will I still be loved if my family changes? Children need to know that while families can change in many ways, thier families love for them never changes.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved