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Filibuster Press Books
  Thought-provoking fiction, like The Yellowstone Faithful. Free samples andfree shipping.
  An online catalog for Whispering Pine Press, Inc., an international book publisher dedicated to providing children, parents, and families.  
ARose Books
  ARose Books publishing books on American adventures in settling this country. Some are fiction and some are memoirs/history. We offer free eCards. Send an eCard and eBook to a friend! It's a great gift idea.  
  Daniel Quinn's novel takes on the biggest subject there is: saving the world.  
Collected Works of Langston Hughes
  provides access to many works that have been out of print or hard to find.  
  Juliet Waldron's historical romance set during the Revolutionary war in New York state. Winner of the 2003 Eppie award in Historicals. Published by
  black jack listings - life and blackjack is a fictional story of blackjack players and blackjack strategies
  Original and fun gifts for your choice, starting from 3usd, online help 24h/24h, online payment or via agencies in many countries.  
Libros International
  Mission is an African novel set in 1970s Kenya. It deals with the concept of identity, seen through filters of poverty, religion, politics and, underpinning everything, justice.  
Boris Books
  Boris Books - a Canberra (Australia) small publisher  
Candid Confessions
  Official website of best selling author Patrick Maher. His novel Candid Confessions was a smash in Japan and now it is coming to America!  
Dire Straits
  Dire Straits is an action adventure novel by Joe Moore set in South Florida and Cuba.  
Dolphin Revelation, The
  Allegorical novel written by Scott Burkhead. An astounding breakthrough in interspecies communication warns of an impending envrionmental disaster.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved