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Espionage and War

Oboni, Franco
  The plot of The Omani Link develops over the autumn and spans from Oman to Old Europe to Vancouver, B.C., Tokyo, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile.  
Thompson, Craig O.
  The Titanic wreck and a global terrorist plot? OMAR: A Novel is the award-winning suspense-thriller and Titanic fiction, fact and history - by anti-terrorism expert and counter-terrorism consultant Craig O. Thompson, Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker and Terrorism Consultant  
Tolleson, D.L. is the official DL Tolleson website offering news regarding the author's work, and links offering the author's work and film rights.  
Wollaston, John G.
  Have you ever wondered what really happened at Waco, Oklahoma, Dunblane, Port Arthur and the World Trade Centre in NY? .® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved