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Substance Abuse

Death Run
  A true story about alcoholism, drug addiction, and recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous and spirituality. Set against the backdrop of culture of the last five decades.  
Staying Sober
  The key to sobriety is happiness. Book by Rick Adair.  
Good Book Publishing
  By Dick B. Articles, books, collections, and resources on AA's spiritual roots. Includes many AA and Christian links. Offers 14 books.  
Anne M. Fletcher
  Anne M. Fletcher, author of the best-selling books SOBER FOR GOOD and THIN FOR LIFE, is a nationally known health and medical writer.  
Freeman Carpenter - Alcoholic
  recovery books recovery tapes freeman carpenter clyde bertram Alcoholics Anonymous Books Freeman's Parable  
Kindred Publishing
  Kindred Publishing provides drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs. We provide educational and audio-visual materials for probation departments, correctional facilities, inmate educators and councelors  
Koerper and Company, Inc
  Alcoholics Anonymous, SAP Curve, drinking problems, alcohol abuse & recovery. The Pint Of No Return by Win Koerper from The Little Library Of Love. Preview this new way of thinking about drinking.  
Aging and Addiction
  Help seniors overcome alcohol or medication dependence. Tips for alcoholism intervention for families. Addiction information for older adults.  
Duck Blood Soup
  Gripping novel about a physician battling drug addiction & recovery. Find out what some doctors do with a syringe when they get home! Drug addiction, substance abuse, murder, mystery, and suspense set in today's high-pressure medical world.  
High Bottom Drunk
  Alcoholism, drug abuse, codependency recovery resources, featuring the novel High Bottom Drunk, by Charles N. Roper.  
Radical Treatment
  Semi-fictional account of father who resorts to radical course of treatment to rid his talented athletic son of drug addiction; presents thought-provoking concepts. Screenplay available.  
Uncle Bobby's Finally Sober
  Straight talk book with hope for those struggling with alcohol addiction.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved