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  Online gardening magazine updated monthly written by Australias premiere gardening magazines Your Backyard and Australian Garden Guide, includes a plant encyclopedia, pictures, video clips, online courses, shopping mall, business catalogues, links and more.  
Allergy-Free Gardening
  Allergy-Free Gardening" by Thomas Leo Ogren. Revolutionary Guide
to Healthy Landscaping. With OPALS, the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale.  
Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide
  Mushrooms. Grow your favorite species without sterile facilities. New low-tech cultivation method uses hydrogen peroxide to prevent contamination. Instruction manuals.  
Pool and Garden House Plans.
  Coventry Pool House and Garden House Plans.Book displays designs for 63 pool houses and garden houses and summerhouses. Architectural renderings, floor plans with detailed building plans available.  
Stiles Designs
  How-to books, plans and designs to easily build treehouses, playhouses, huts, forts, cabins, sheds, kids projects and furniture, garden and rustic retreats, storage and woodworking projects by authors Jeanie and David Stiles.  
Successful Grape Growing for Eating and Wine-Growing
  Successful grape growing for eating and wine-making  
Tips and Secrets for a Magnificent Garden
  Tips and Secrets for a Magnificent Garden by Dorothy Nichols, published by Infopoint® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved