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And I Thought I Was Crazy!
  A hilarious collection of odd behaviors that are surprisingly prevalent among humankind.  
Apprecihated World
  poems,short stories, Anglo-European, lyrical, Parliament, revolutionary changes,Britain, Europe, Channel Tunnel, British foreign policy, BSE, Euro, England,Scotland, unemployment, press, war, law, school  
Baseball According To Lao-Tzu
  is a metaphor for life. BaseballTao is a poetic blending of the experience of baseball and the ancient chinese philosophy of the Tao. BaseballTao is wisdom with a sense of humor.  
Cajun Woman Enterprises
  Located in Lafouche Parish, Louisiana, a Cajun Woman offers a book on life and customs in the Cajun Bayou Country  
College and the Art of Partying
  Book: College and the Art of Partying--a black-humored satire of campus life. Many sections available for free online viewing.  
The Email Jokebook
  This website promotes The Email Jokebook, the best internet jokebook on the market! 250 pages in 19 chapters full of wild jokes, riddles, lists and other bizarre humor  
Flambard's Canadian Capers
  Computer consulting spoof book from experience as a 1960's computer consultant  
The Funny Bride Guide
  wedding planning book's tips keep brides and bridesmaids laughing. A bridal shower gift that relieves the stress of wedding planning!  
Memoirs of a Papillon
  by Genevieve the papillon - a humorous book from Eiffel Press.  
The Prophit
  A hilarious social satire in the style of Gibran's The Prophet. Book. Order online or mail order  
The Right Time
  by Send Coffee Publishing  
Snippets of Life
  ooks of short stories, best books and literature form the best authors  
Women From Bras, Men From Penus: A Parody
  Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus: A Parody of John Gray's Men are From Mars, Women are Venus by stand-up comics Anna Collins and Elliot Sullivan® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved