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The Autumn Marine
  Marine Corps books: book on Vietnam and leadership by author Dennis S. Chapman. The Autumn Marine by author Dennis S. Chapman provides leadership pointers for Marine combat during the Vietnam war.  
Destiny Ours
  powerful story of the first man to drop a bomb on Japan in WWII from a B-29, later MIA over Singapore  
Hell From Heaven
  Join the 398th Bomb Group's bombing missions over Nazi Germany in this real life book written by Leonard Streitfeld.  
In The Shadow Of Katyn: Stalin's Terror
  A translation of the book by Stanislaw Swianiewicz, sole survivor of the Katyn Forest massacre of Polish soldiers by the Soviet Red Army in WW2.  
Life in the French Foreign Legion
  Have you ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and running away to join the French Foreign Legion? Site promotes book assisting potential Legion enlistees.  
Ruth-Less and Far from Home
  A fascinating account of the missions 'Ruth-Less' flew and the men who flew on her. The book contains over sixty high quality photographs, many graphic recollections and reminiscences by veteran aircrew of actual combat missions flown aboard 'Ruth-Less'.  
Spirit of Angus
  The definitive WW2 History of the 5th (County of Angus) Battalion of the Black Watch® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved