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Santi Books
  your online bookstore providing positive, enlightening and educational material.  
Bahr No Products
  Books designed to enhance creativity and productivity.  
Sailing The Dream
  by Dr. John F. McGrady, a book and sailing adventure published by Coconut Info, is one of the first books to go from screen to print  
The Soul of Work
  is a self help book on positive work attitude and motivation in the workplace  
Success Corners
  Conducting attitudinal workshops/seminars and publishing self-motivational and self-management books with gift items for self, family, employees and customer  
The Success Habit
  It is not chance or luck - have you got the success habit?, make success a part of your everyday life, The Power of the Mind, Infinite Choice sets out the foundations, Universal Law and the Root Assumptions  
Super Supervisor
  Positive Presentations presents Mildred Ramsey's Super Supervisor Training material on human relations, leadership, motivation, and communications.  
Winners Bible
  Whether you're a student,entrepreneur, seasoned professional or displaced from a job-Winners Bible has information to bring you greater success® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved