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4-M Enterprises, Inc.
  Everything in dog books. New, used and out of print.  
ABC's of Dog Language
  An overview of the ways dogs communicate and how you can create meaningful messages to your dog.  
Canine Cuisine Cookbook
  Canine Cuisine Cookbook for recipes for meat dishes, biscuits and treats. Healthy dishes instead of can food-meant to be added to a good kibble but can be served alone.  
Essential Kennel Design
  The unique book for kennel design know-how. This book has detailed answers to FAQs. Kennel Supplies Directory.  
A1 West Highland White
  All About the West Highland White Terrier  
ABC's of Dog Training
  A Basic Obedience and Behavior Course, precisely for the average dog owner in fun and understandable step-by-step ABC terms and beautifully illustrated  
Annie: Diary of a Bad Girl
  is the 'autobiography' of a clever dog who tells of her rise from abandoned stray to Hollywood superstar. Buy this E-Book and part of the proceeds go to the Baby Annie Dog Rescue Foundation in Santa Barbara, California.  
Ben's Black Labrador Shop
  Ben is proud to offer a select range of books, dog training advice, and general information on his life and the Australian retrieving scene.  
Books by Cheryl S. Smith
  Dog care, training tips, the chance to have your dog questions answered,
from Cheyl S. Smith, dog writer, and her dogs  
Border Collies N Stuff
  herding dog enthusiast mail order  
Briggs Bichon Books
  Humorous dog books about living with and rescuing Bichon Frise also includes many tales of the local English countryside,castles,sea shore, Pooh Bear country  
Camino Book Co.
  AKC Championship reference books.  
Canine Clickers Australia
  stock a range of Dog clicker training supplies and related books, dog and training links and dog and training resources® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved