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Emerald Energies
  Offering a variety of religious and metaphysical material. Including audio, video, downloadable media, books, and more.  
The Voice for Love Foundation
  Discover how the greatest Teachers & Masters throughout history have opened up to hearing the Voice of God within them and exactly how you can do it too!  
Advise Me Please
  is the online presence for Author's David Gregson and Jay S. Efran. Their first book, 'The Tao of Sobriety', is a recovery workbook for drug and alcohol dependants.  
Banyen Books & Sound
  The Watering Hole for the Spirit on the World Wide Web: Books, Music, Videos, Spoken Word Tapes, AudioBooks.  
Dove Booksellers
  Academic Bookseller for Biblical Studies and the Ancient World  
Israelite Network, The
  THE TRUTH: Identity, wisdom and destiny of the Israelites: American Indians, Latino Hispanics and Black African Americans.  
Lund Theological Books
  Mail order theology booksellers - worldwide service. Our entire stock list can be viewed from this site.  
Mandala Books
  The World's most complete spiritual bookshop featuring the very finest in wisdom literature, rare incenses and aromatherapy candles, meditation supplies, ritual items, sacred music and inspirational videos  
Mystic Way
  Motivational Self-help E-books and advice plus free spiritual practices  
Paper Ships Books and Crystals
  Metaphysical, Books, Crystals, Altenative Healing, Angels, Appropriate Technology, Astrology Books, Astrological Perspectives Channelled Material, Dreams, Extraterrestrial UFO ET,Feng Shui,Global Healing,Goddess, Native American / Indigenous Cultures Books,  
PoTO Books & Herbs Company
  Rare & popular books on black & white magick, magic, grimoires, witchcraft, voodoo, occult, divination, Secret Societies, Egyptian, Freemasons, Rosicrucians & Templars, Golden Dawn, Hermetic & Voodoo, Aleister Crowley & Anton Lavey; also tea & bulk herbs  
Ray of Light Publishing Company
  is the number one site for retail or wholesale nondenominational spiritual books, audio tapes, or journal workbooks.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved