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Specific Titles Torah and Megillo

Yardenia Media
  Two Jewish comic series: Bible Dogs and Superrabbi.  
Anna Olswanger Books
  publishes and promotes books and articles of Jewish interest for readers, booksellers and librarians, authors and illustrators. The site links to Jewish fiction, Jewish book and author news, and interviews with industry professionals.  
Antiquariaat Lilien
  for Jewish books, prints and posters  
Antique Seforim
  hebrew collectibles, out of print books, judaica, seforim, and jewish manuscripts bought and sold. Online catalog. Will travel worldwide. Brooklyn, New York.  
  is the BabagaNewz book club, a resource for fiction and nonfiction books, crafts, music, games, and software for Jewish middle school students in congregational schools and Hebrew day schools, as well as for their teachers and parents.  
Behrman House
  The leading publisher of educational materials for Jewish religious schools,and creators of
diverse books about Judaism and Jewish life.  
The Book Gallery
  Here, you can find used and old. The antique department in the gallery is very unique and holds with in it rare prints from all over the world.  
Books International
  We supply books published in Israel to individuals, libraries, institutions, organizations, and bookstores throughout the world: academic, general or religious, Judaica, Hebraica and books of Jewish interest, etc.  
Broder's Rare and Used Books
  Rare and out print books on all Jewish subjects, Holocaust, Palestine, Israel, Yiddish, Religion, Genealogy and more.  
Feldheim Publishers
  Jewish books for the whole family  
Gefen Publishing House
  Israelbooks offers a wide range of books books covering such topics as Jewish history, Israeli and Middle East politics, Jewish philosophy, Jewish communities, Israeli society, the Holocaust, Jewish art, Jewish children's books  
Hebrew Bibles
  Online resource for jewish books judaica - Aryeh Kaplan and Artscroll - hebrew bibles - Mikraos Gedolos - Torah Anthology - Jewish Jewelry  
Israelowitz Publishing
  The online book store of Israelowitz book publishers, offering art books, books about synagogues, books about Brooklyn New York, Jewish travel guides, and Jewish guided tours in Hassidic neighborhoods.  
Jewish Book Mall
  The Jewish Book Mall thoughtfully arranges Jewish books, magazines, and music into categories so you can quickly find just the right one. Includes Shmooze Room, topic introductions, and recommendations for building a Jewish library.  
Jewish Books Online
  is dedicated to bringing the best of Jewish reading to your desktop  
Pitspopany Press
  Publishers of Jewish Childrens Books® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved