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All About Wearing High Heels
  Contains information about high heel shoes and boots for those who wear high heels.  
Asian Beauty
  American women are finally having their day Their beautiful faces grace the covers of fashion houses, and the big and small screens.  
Bad Hair and Nothing to Wear
  Katie Harper-Jones presents her new tell-all book, Bad Hair and Nothing to Wear: Secrets of a Professional Stylist.  
Check Him Out!
  E- Background Check provides one-click background checks -- fast, inexpensive,completely confidential.  
The Colors of the Rainbow
  Official home page of Daniela E. Schreier, author of The Colors of the Rainbow Series: The Colors of the Rainbow is an inspiring collection of one woman’s opinions, experiences, and world perceptions.  
A Portrait Of Tears
  In the summer of 2000, I was an emotional and mental shipwreck. I was 49 years old and on disability. I had just gotten my college degree six years before. Now I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't laugh. How had this happened? Why had this happened  
The Virgin Club
  the virgin club is a funny and bittersweet story of love, first-times and the search for an attractive vibrator. Memberships now available.  
Wise Women Speak
  Book series featuring wisdom from everyday women. Contribute your wisdom on universal issues. Interactive and inspirational.  
A Woman's Guide to Hiring a Contractor
  CatJammies Purrduction / "A Woman's Guide To Hiring A Contractor, Company Or Service Provider". To better educate home owners on how to hire the best qualified contractor or
company for jobs in and around their homes.  
Women Humanitarians
  Announcement of first biographical dictionary of women humanitarians® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved