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Earth Sciences

Watered-Down Electricity
  Information, text and graphics about electricity.  
Aquila Natural History Books
  International antiquarian and new specialist booksellers in the geological sciences (geology, mineralogy, paleontology) and biological sciences (biology, zoology, entomology, botany)  
Classey Books
  a specialist mail order Book service with over 10,000 Natural History Books, CDs, and Videos.  
Earth Science Books
  aims to provide a wide range of books on Geology to amateurs, students and professional Geologists with an emphasis on British Geology
although we do stock material from all over the world.  
Ed Rogers Rare and Out of Print Books
  Geoscience, Paleontology, Mineralogy, Mining, Stratigraphy, Exploration, Western Americana  
MS Book and Mineral Company
  EarthLink is the number-one rated Internet service provider, as well as the largest independent ISP.  
2Neat Books
  Geology, and Natural History, Sciences and USGS professional Papers  
  Mailorder Bookstore, Science Books, Scientific Books, Library Supply, Academic Supply, Environmental Literature  
North Woods Field Guides
  Tree Identification can be extensive and confusing without North Woods Field Guides, made especially for the easy identification of wildflowers.  
  specializes in antique, rare and used books related to the earth sciences and natural history subjects.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved